Paris, and their B.S. summit.

Foreign ministers and other diplomats from some 70 different countries.
One purpose, to force Israel to adopt a two state policy with the Palestinians.
Only one thing was wrong, neither of the leaders from Israel or Palestine attended.
Israel because they knew it was rigged, the final decree already printed out waiting signature. Palestine because they knew the outcome anyway.

As for France?

I can’t wait till Marine LePen takes over from that little twerp Hollande.
She’ll have her work cut out sorting out France.
Leaving the EU, making France great again, and sorting out their own ‘hell’ of a Muzzie problem! Still I feel that she, unlike Merkel and Hollande combined, has the grit to do something about it.

Yet this summit will have another bitter taste to me.
It’s not so much the political posturing of an outgoing president of France, more the presence of that slimy toad Kerry. After all I remember the UN summit when Obama’s team spectacularly failed to support Israel. What’s worse, a closet Muslim leadership or betrayal of a friend? In this case it was both. Thus I’ll leave you with this.

(Only you can’t see the dagger he’s holding)

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    Good ol’ horse-face Kerry. Just give him a carrot and off he goes…

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