Theresa May Brexit Speech

And a German MEP’s reply to it was:-
“May: Go f**k yourself EU but please don’t let us down.
Whine whine,” tweeted Jan Philipp Albrecht,
Green Party MEP for northern Germany.

OK, that’s made things real simple.
The rest of Europe can make their own independent trade deals and probably be assured of reasonable terms. Not forgetting that the UK government is already talking about slashing taxes for foreign corporates who trade from here.

But as for Germany?

Which is it to be Germany?
“f**k yourself” and a total embargo on all your goods, services, or
“f**k yourself” and a 100% tariff on your goods and services, or
Would German business leaders like to do something about the idiot(s) you employ in government and THEN the UK will enter into sensible negotiations about trade, tariffs, and taxation!

After all the UK can wait.
The EU is collapsing anyway and as time goes by alternatives will be sourced.
Once those deals are signed, your product and services may never be welcome again.

Just a reminder though.
2016 Germany exported 7,809,086 million EUR worth of products and services to the UK.
So exactly how much is that ‘f**k you’ and a hostile anti UK government going to cost big business in lost exports to the UK in the first year after Brexit?

Only hurry up ‘meine kinder’, others are already queueing up to make deals.

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