Someone needs a reality check


Cambridge professor Wendy Ayres-Bennett is calling for British people to be encouraged to learn community languages, particularly in areas where there are high numbers of residents who speak these languages, to build on social cohesion.

Ever been to Boston in Lincolnshire professor?
Try telling that theory to the English citizenry there.
Where most of the jobs and their town has been taken over by foreigners. Only take plenty of plasters if you do go there prof. You’ll need them if you walk into the English bars expounding that bit of nonsense.

Then there is Bristol.
91 different foreign languages are spoken there Professor.
Do you know how to speak 91 languages?
Neither do the foreigners so within the city and their ghettos the common language is English.

What does that say about your theory when looked at from the foreign side of things.

The thing about intellectuals is their total ignorance about real life. This particular one also seems to have forgotten this is Britain, home of the British, the historical language being ENGLISH.

So Ms. Wendy Ayres-Bennett, I have a simple request.
STFU about us fitting in with them, foreigners need to fit in with us by learning ENGLISH.

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6 Responses to Someone needs a reality check

  1. equippedcat says:

    In a sane world, anyone who comes to a country should learn the language and the culture within a set period of time (5 years?) and refusing to do so, or failure to make reasonable process during that time or failure to meet the deadline would all result in immediate expulsion.

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