Forgive them Trump they know not what they do.

UK Defence officials are quietly trying to make Trump stand tough against Russia.
This because Number 10 (aka the war mongers) is throwing a hissy fit after President Trump proposed dropping sanctions against Mr Putin in return for nuclear arms cuts.

I wonder why, and more than a little scary!
Why is de-escalating the situation, where WW3 is getting closer, a bad thing?
Why is a nuclear disarmament a bad thing?

Or is this closer to the mark.
They know Trump will never make it into the White house and are stalling him, and
NATO are going in no matter what Trump say’s or does?

To that end the UK sent tanks, Warrior fighting vehicles, and recovery vehicles across to France during the middle of the night for the first time.
A defence source said: ‘This was not a charge to Eastern Europe.
You have to practice before you try to move hundreds of tanks through the tunnel’.


Why move those tanks in the first place unless you intend to use them?
Besides do we have 100’s of tanks?
What will that leave in the UK (apart from broken one’s) if we needed a tank or two?

It’s about time Trump put all the war mongers in the Pentagon, UK’s MOD and government, and the more rabid NATO leaders on TV for everyone to see as he asks them why they are so hell-bent on starting a World War!

Memo to SWMBO.
Stock up on toilet rolls!
The sh’t is about to fly!

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    Uschi go´s with newgerman´s, go in the III. worldwar, but, RUSSLAND Human-Zivilisation ist not good for this world? plemplem!

  2. equippedcat says:

    Re: the meter. Why would anyone want to amplify BS?

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