Timetable for an ousting

Berlin, Wednesday morning. (They got up early).
The German government are looking for their general election on the last Sunday in September (if the German President Joachim Gauck accepts it).

Oh boy, this is one election I’m really looking forward too.
The sight of Merkel fleeing from Germany before she is “railed”out.

But before that,
General elections in the Netherlands on the 15 March 2017 and,
The first round of the French presidential election on 23 April 2017 or,
they might just drag it out for a second round on 7 May 2017.

So I’m thinking complete meltdown of Europe by Summer.
After all the EU won’t survive referendums from the French and Dutch, and Germany is trying to put off that fateful event till the autumn.

For course there is still the minor worry about NATO’s aggression.
If they were to start slogging it out with Russia before that time, all the B.S. of ‘democratic elections’ won’t mean a damn.

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    100 Day´s for the Präsident Trump, but Merkel is comming ti him, for Contrakt in the Chancelor-Pakt with USA-Allliierte, from 1990 Paris, 1946 Potsdam, Jalta, she ist not german, polish, she work with Boblschewikie, KGB, in the GDR sml Göbbel´s, Propaganda-Sekretärin der Humbodlt Universität, 1990, today in his Company BRD – Deutschland, is nothing DEUTSCHES REICH, is privat-Company, UNO Nr.: 276! No Volk, no Legimitation, Gouvernement of Territorium!Is a theater from NWO, with “Bundestag”, not Deutscher Reichstag!

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