Trump’s Big Day

Inauguration day and I switch onto live streaming from Washington DC (08 h GMT) as I like to soak in a bit of the atmosphere before the big event.

What’s on those live streams?
The scum of America cussing, fighting, and running riot.
You haven’t so much got a problem in the US, you’ve got an infestation!

I was glad to see ‘The Bikers For Trump’ there.
I’ve got this feeling that they will HAVE TO ENGAGE sometime today.
Too late to mobilise the National Guard and impose martial law I suppose?
Without them today appears to be shaping up to become all out street war.

Which reminded me of this:-

You can take scum out of the gutter but you sure as hell
won’t ever take the gutter out of the scum! (Anon).

I worked with a South African once.
Some of his tales about dealing with ‘cultural enrichment’ crimes were sickening.
Ex SADF his attitude was basic, down to earth, and made complete sense.
“Lock and load with #00 buck, and never run out of shells”.
Nice guy, taught me a lot about magazine fed shotguns and sabot rounds.

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7 Responses to Trump’s Big Day

  1. shtfprepper says:

    It’s going to be worse than after the election. I’ve been preaching, to anyone who will listen, that heads need to be on a swivel all day and when you’re asleep, you better have something next to your bed for defense. We never, never go anywhere without our concealed handguns.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    DC police dispersed a bunch of ’em with flash bangs, pepper spray and tear gas grenades.
    They left the area kinda fast.
    90 were arrested but that was a couple hours ago.

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