Look mum, suffragettes

Oh look its 1897 and the suffragettes are marching again.
Thousands of women are expected to join a march in London later as part of an international campaign on the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency.

And that really stupid apologist idot Singer Lily Allen got in on the Friday’s act too.
The one who cried so convincingly on TV for all the UK had NOT DONE for rapefugees!
Fridays little march included nuclear weapons, climate change and immigration issues.

Trump wants to de-escalate the Russia threat and disarm the nukes. And that’s wrong?
He wants to stop tear arsing round the world waging war. That’s wrong too?
Climate change?
That’s never going to stop while the world needs stuff and loves making money.
Immigration. Fk. that.
THIS IS GREAT BRITAIN, not some dumping ground for the worlds worst.
The day everywhere in the world lets me come, go, and live where I want, as I please, then I’ll rethink things.

Anyway, what are they marching for today, Saturday?
The BBC was told:-

  • Racial equality.
    There is! White is right. Black is right.
    Everyone’s right provided they toe the line.
    (I’m so temped to write ‘and know their place‘ but that’s so not politically correct)
    Darn it I just did!
  • Gender equality.
    OK I’ll give them that.
    Some of the female engineers I know were never paid what they were worth.
    Yet in the security world, generally, that’s not a problem.But it goes further than that.
    In olden days there were men and women, simple. Now things are “confused”,
    There are boys who claim they are girls, girls who claim they are boys.
    Some who want to screw the same-sex, some who say they don’t have (or want) a sex.
    Some who are simply cross dressers swinging both ways.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if they simply looked down and said ‘dangly bits, I’m a boy’ or no dangly bits, I’m a girl’.All this is nothing but liberal B.S. pushing the LGBT (and xyz for all I know) agenda.
    What is happening now is toddlers are claiming they want to be the same as their mummies or daddies and being brainwashed into thinking that’s alright.
    The world is totally screwed!
  • Affordable healthcare. (In the UK?)
    WTF are they wittering on about. Sure you pay for dental work and doctors prescriptions (scripts), and drugs, but essentially everyone gets the same INCLUDING the scum of the earth that have invaded our lands or just take advantage of free tourism treatment.
  • Abortion rights.
    Available for medical grounds for free in the UK, otherwise you can go to a chemist and buy a morning after pill, or you can pay. OK you may have to travel as Northern Ireland is way stupid about abortion thanks to the Roman Catholic Church, and the ethnic’s have their own religious rules so Fk.them, but what else do they want?
  • Voting rights.
    This is when it all the protest falls down on its face.
    Women in the UK have had voting rights since 1918.

OK, SWMBO will probably disagree with me but hey, THAT’S HER RIGHT TO DO SO.
Guess what? That’s OK with me too.
She also votes, has had free cancer treatment and drugs, drives a car, has her own money, and the right to go out when and where she wants, with who she wants.

Only in our home these aren’t rights, it’s just what we do!

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