May going off half cocked?

Theresa May promises to confront Donald Trump as he suggests US may not come to aid of NATO allies and ushers in new era of protectionism.

Hang on, that’s exactly what is needed here in the UK.
Perhaps if the UK  concentrated more on its own people and country and STOPPED GIVING MONEY AWAY, deported all EU workers, and DEPORTED THE ILLEGALS, we’d live in a far better place.

As for NATO.
That should have been disbanded years ago when the ORIGINAL cold war finished.
Today’s threat being NATO building up for war in Europe.
Guess what?
With Spring just around the corner (some 57 days), it might happen.

What, you thought we’d all ignore the build up as political hype?
How stupid.
Tactically the only time to attack Russia is in the Spring not winter.

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2 Responses to May going off half cocked?

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    President Trump wants to help Britain, with trade, once BREXIT has taken place. Is Mrs. May, a closet EU-phile? How is it that Britain First, is of no concern to the woman?
    Why is Mrs. May, concerned with a war where there is no outward aggression directed by the Russian Federation? Intelligence by NATO, is either flawed, or steered.

    • Probably all of the above.
      She’s just full of her own importance.
      That and a typical Tory.
      Money and more money for themselves and their rich friends is all they are worried about..

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