A non descript day.

Literally nothing of importance happened today.
Got up, walked the dog, cleaned house, ate lunch, walked dog, watched a film, had a nap, walked the dog. You’ll be getting the picture by now.

Air never much above freezing, the pond we sit in was covered with soft ice and that dusting of snow, and beautiful soft rime on the lines.

No wind, not even a enough to disperse the smoke from the boats chimneys.

BUT I’m happy and contented this evening.
Stuff winter’s bright sunlit freezing days and nights.
Bring on the CLOUDS, and they did, 8/8 cloud cover and it’s got warmer!
Them fluffy grey ones, strato cumulus. Looks like rain but seldom happens.


Still only 58 more days to Spring.
Then it’s redesign the galley, the seating area, the double bed (might need some help there Doug), revarnish the ~400 sq feet of wood within and, come to think about it, the 20 sq foot outside.
Redo the window seals, touch up the hulls paintwork . . . . Oh hell, I’m tired again!

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