Another Boaring day

Home owners in a town (not 30 miles from me) are being besieged by wild boar.
They are being urged to consider putting up 5 ft electric fences around their property to fend off the beasts hunting for food.

Only the damn things are wreaking the cemetary too.
Personally I hate cemeteries, but older people like to visit their loved ones resting place and what they are finding is the place wrecked.

So what to do?
Wild boar is tasty. But there are problems.

  1. They aren’t easy to kill.
  2. That would need firearms for distance working as bow hunting is forbidden.
  3. You can’t trap or snare them (unless you can finish them off and that’s going to be a shotgun which will enrage the local tree huggers, environmentalists, animal rights, and probably the LGBT and BLM (London University chapter).
  4. Even if you had a gun, discharging a firearm in a graveyard is forbidden as is discharging the same in a township.
  5. As per usual, local or central government will do nothing.

So is there a danger?
Yep, dogs, cats, and children could get killed, and adults badly mauled (if not killed) if they took one on mano a mano.

Thus, as is typical UK, it’s going to take a death (preferably a OAP or child) before the government get’s off her high heels and authorises a cull OR arms the population. Which as we all know just won’t happen.

Good isn’t it.
Someone will have to die before action will be taken.
How very British government.


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12 Responses to Another Boaring day

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Personally, with all of the restrictions, let the animals destroy the place. Let people complain to the elected twits. You are not capable of spearing. So I ask this, what of, a harpoon gun in the UK?
    All else fails, read up on Vietnam booby traps. All that meat on the hoof. It’s wonderfully cold and a minimum risk of swine disease.
    A zip gun?? “What noise. Somebody’s car. He went that way.”

    • A problem I have not.
      Only it’s not me with the problem and some people aren’t a nasty underhanded type like me!
      Which is probably why our meat locker is always full, and others go to the supermarket.
      Such is the way of the UK.
      As for spearing?
      I prefer snaring and a 12g sabot at “snare plus a couple of yards range”.
      I understand it’s marvellous what people can knock up with a piece of gas pipe, a valve spring, and a masonry nail?

      Not that I’d know how 😉

  2. equippedcat says:

    Boar spear? (cross bar so they can’t just walk themselves up the shaft)

    • We’ve got a thing here called the wildlife act. It basically says you can’t control anything except pests. Wild boar aren’t on that list. So, unless you are authorised to, or paid a rich mans licence, just about everything walks flies or swims around with impunity.

  3. equippedcat says:

    Say what you want about your PM, at least she didn’t sign that Israel non-sense in France.

  4. gamegetterII says:

    What about a fairly big wire cage that has a door on a tripwire that catches them alive? You could kill ’em with a spear or even a machete that way.

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