Millions marched

Yesterday saw millions of women protesting round the world against Trump. The usual female ‘entertainers’ were there whipping up the crowds into a frenzy but about what exactly?

Apart from letting his ego mouth off about women. (Dimwit).
Has he actually said he is going to repeal the rights of women?
First day in office, did he repeal any womans rights?

What appears to be true is Trump is going to review all the crap Obama signed as Executive orders and some of that appertained to gay rights.

Cue the LGBT whiners.
And in the main, the feminists and LGBT were leading the marches.
I’ve no problem there. With the feminists I mean. I find them, in the main, quaint.
As for the LGBT lot with their gay marriage?
It don’t sit right with me. It offends my values.

Only there is a new acronym in town, it’s growing in length and makes the LGBT lot look positively tame. LGBTQIAPD.
It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans* , queer/questioning, intersex, asexual/aromantic, pansexual/polysexual, demisexual.

But IMHO it needs an ‘W’.
No long acronym describing a membership that spans the world (apparently) is complete without an ‘W’. New ‘W’orld Order N’W’O coming to mind.

SWMBO has just made me laugh by asking
“What happened to male, female, and not sure?”

Ho Hum.
Monday tomorrow, and in a more enlightened time, the weekends newspapers would have been used for wrapping up fish and chips.

Life will probably return to normal with everyone bitching about something,  and the world has got Theresa May’s date with Trump to look forward too.

Meanwhile it’s been snowing. A VERY THIN sprinkling of white stuff (about 3mm).
So later today the news will read “UK in crisis, 3 metres (they always get it wrong) of snow clogs main roads across the UK. Airports close, trains don’t run, panic buying in supermarkets!”

Roll on Monday.

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8 Responses to Millions marched

  1. No wonder the world is confused…… they keep extending the categories.

  2. equippedcat says:

    My sister marched. I asked her “Why are you protesting Trump? Suppose 95% of the women in the country marched. You think Trump would say “Oh, you’re right, I’ll step down”? You think congress would come together and say “OK, Trump, you’re out of there”? Wouldn’t it make more sense to protest something which there might actually be a chance of accomplishing something?” And she said “No, no, we’re not protesting Trump, we’re protesting some of his intended actions”

    Que the news: “Women march against Trump” “Women vow to resist Trump” “Women show they have a voice” (but nobody shows that they say anything meaningful). Sounds like no matter how valid their opinions, they left their brains at home. Or perhaps the media who they thought was on their side actually has their own agenda.

    • I gave up trying to figure the female mind years ago. So did my dad. Thus I took on board his advice for every confusing ‘female’ situation. “Just say ‘Yes Dear’ as sincerely as you can manage it” .
      Worked so far! Thanks dad.

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