Plans to improve the UK.

Tomorrow our glorious leader (Theresa May) UK’s  Prime Minister will lay out plans to slash bureaucracy, boost broadband and improve transport as part of her post-Brexit industrial strategy.

In business maybe but not in the:-
NHS, education, the courts, law enforcement, taxation, planning, local government, UK’s oh so wonderland (whoops) wonderful Ministry of Defence, welfare, housing, social care, nursery and pre schools, employment law, health and safety. . . . .

Need I go on?

Boost broadband. Wow.
How exactly is that going to improve our daily lives?
Already you can’t speak to Tax offices by phone, some local government departments, some utilities providers, and as for education? Writing is officially frowned upon but keyboard skills are a must.

Still, come a national grid down scenario, broadband will save us all (NOT!)

Improve transport.
How? There is no room for more transit routes through cities, towns, and villages.
Railways are a joke (thanks to government privatisation), buses are being cut to outlying places which is killing off villages, air travel is beyond most due to taxation and greedy pricing. Bicycles are a curse to vehicles (and besides Boris Johnson rides one).
As for a horse and cart? That’s a biological hazard (except for roses).

We also have a larger number of potholes (aka mini sink holes) than the moon.

But hang on, there is the newest of government white elephant called HS2.
The idea is to link up the whole of the UK with super fast trains (LOL).
Just about every expert in industry (not being paid by the government) has panned the idea as a pipe dream, over priced, and ineffective in concept and design.


Currently the official government cost is forecast as £56 billion.
Although other estimates more realistically quote £189 billion.
Work on the first phase is set to begin in 2017, reaching Birmingham by 2026.
A distance of 102 miles (164 km) taking 9 years to complete.
That’s just under 12 miles (19 km) a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at a cost of £72 million a km.
(I’m told that is government figures but can’t confirm that).
Still it’s nine times the cost per km of laying track in France.

Tory initatives!
Loads of money, little ever comes of it,
Always expensive to build let alone maintain,
But always looks great on toilet paper!

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  1. They probably have the crossword variety rolls in parliament. Plenty of clues, but no answers.

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