Brexit on the edge

The Supreme Court is due to rule on whether Parliament or ministers have the power to begin the Brexit process. The landmark judgement, to be announced at 09:30 GMT, will decide how the EU’s Article 50 exit clause is triggered. (BBC)

This is when all hell may break loose.
If the judicial system stalls Brexit the financial markets will soar big time in the short term to plummit as the courts will find themselves the recipients of Theresa May’s wrath and open war ensues in parliament causing even more uncertainty.
Add to that the Brexiteers and media will go ape at their stupidity.

If they pass it the financial world will slump one time as the speculators of the world get caught out by the market manipulating of the world’s stock markets and currency exchange.

Financially either way, the UK loses.

All in all the actions of the courts, an immigrant from British Guiana, and a Brazilian hairdresser have cost and will cost the UK economy trillions by the doubt and uncertainty they injected into the process.

My advice to them?
If the result comes out wrong and Brexit is stalled, they better leave town.
Because soooo many people will be looking for payback from their actions!

It’s been decided that parliament and the House of Lords will vote on whether we leave the EU.

The people’s voice has been quashed, and some of the most dimwitted unelected people in the UK aka the House of Lords WILL SCREW EVERYTHING UP! They always do.
As for parliament?
A bunch of fk’ing temps will now go all self serving winning what they can in ‘favours and outright bribery’ in a once in a lifetime gamble which if it goes wrong will see people on the streets once again.

It’s time bad decisions generated by these fools were awarded with suitable backlash.
Quickest way to do that? Call a snap general election.
Or send in “The Marine”.

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