Safe is the UK

A woman has been found by firefighters gagged on the bay window roof of her burning house after an armed raid on her home.

Police said the victim escaped out of an upstairs bedroom after three raiders broke into the house on Swayfield Avenue, Longsight, Manchester. (Gun capital of the UK)

The offenders, one of whom had a gun, bound the victim’s mouth with tape and demanded cash in the raid at about 20:30 GMT on Sunday. (BBC)

Jeez, how lucky was that woman to escape with her life!

But how can this be happening?
There are no guns in the UK that aren’t licensed and handguns were banned!
So was this crime the unintended or intended consequence of gun laws?

Just in case the thought police missed the significance of what I said:-
The UK GUN LAWS, anti gun lobby, and successive governments are therefore either complicit or unequivocally guilty of allowing the maiming of, or death of, innocents through their efforts in disarming the law abiding.

What, me a little annoyed? Why shouldn’t I be?
The only people going round killing others are criminals or the police.
Both seemingly immune from prosecution.
And there is sod all we can do about it!

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