Time for the government to stop being silly

There are 700,000 private gun owners in England and Wales.
And 1.8 million licensed firearms. (2015).

Shotguns, long guns, ‘firearm’ rated air guns (those over 12 ft lbs and please only laugh a little), air cartridge (Brocock) weapons (typically 6-12 ft lbs max. Now you can laugh a lot), humane killers (vets, abattoir), and an assortment of black powder weapons.

Meanwhile on the streets, illegally ‘owned’.
The government ‘think’ there are about 500,000.
I personally think that’s what they HOPE is out there.
Other figures bandied around are upwards of 2-3 million.
With open borders and lax postal and freight checking, I’m inclined to agree with that.
That would include war trophies, antiques, re-activated weapons, converted blank firers, and the whole circus of shotgun, bolt-action, semi and full auto, including the ubiquitous assault weapons like the AK chassis, plus ‘home brews’.

With firearm crime on the up and up, the government frantically hiding the truth from the population, and the media not reporting anything less than murder in-depth or an animal or bird being hurt (always good for a half page spread), the whole situation about gun control in the UK is one huge joke.

After all the two events they keep quoting as the defining moments in gun control (Hungerford and Dunblaine) were both carried out by licensed gun owners, both with mental problems, both who had been reported to the police by family and friends as being “unstable” who did absolutely ZIP about them.

That would also include the Cumbria killing of 10 by a taxi driver, Derrick Bird. Psychologist Dr West sums up his analysis of Bird and believes that he shot 12 people dead because he wanted revenge for his own failings aka mental problems (even though the mental health guru’s didn’t want this used as it added to the ‘stigma’ of mental health problems).

Such is the paranoia, political correctness, and desire to cover their failings of the police, the law, and the government.

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