Parliamentary Crisis

Article 50, and numerous Members of Parliament are going to vote against it and therefore against the wishes of the people’s referendum.

Know what?
For too long the indigenous British born people have been respectful if not a bit afraid of the UK’s government. Then the Brexit referendum happened.
A ‘peaceful’ revolt occurred.
It wasn’t a violent one, but what it did do was destroy the traditional taboo’s of not reacting to corruption and bad governance.

Then all the legal silliness happened.
Triggered by foreigners no less.
Court cases followed, posturing by a few stupid politicians has irritated quite a few people, and the EU itself is helping fuel anger by making non stop threats.
Problem is the indigenous British have NEVER taken kindly to foreign fools threatening them and most have finally realised that nearly all politicians are liars and idiots.

On a local level, this farce has made divisions within communities wider and more polarised. People are openly saying ‘We’re British not European’.
It has also pushed the abhorrence and anger some have for foreign EU workers, certain ethnic groups and their religions, into physical conflict.

The new policing and laws revolving round ‘hate crime’ are being seen as having gone totally politically correct, racial, and in support of alien religions.

The indigenous British Christians don’t like that.
It smacks of the government and legal profession turning against them.
Thus people are getting to a point where mere words of protest may not be enough and :-

People no longer fear their government.
The government should fear their people.

A tired overly dramatic mantra?
That’s what they thought in Europe and the heartlands of the EU.
To that end Europe’s ‘Far Right’ political parties are gaining cross public support and the rise of extreme nationalism is gaining momentum.

Now it’s a bit silly to say Armageddon will result if Article 50 is stalled.
Only I can see a lot of politicians out of a job or unable to carry on working through medical grounds if they do defy the will of certain people.

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