Theresa May’s travels.

Turkey today, tomorrow????
Theresa May has said the UK will enhance trade relations with Turkey after talks with the country’s President Erdogan.

Did she discuss their human rights record at all?
After all the press were mighty concerned about Trump’s water boarding comments.
But no. A Number 10 spokeswoman said Britain had “expressed our strong support for Turkey’s democracy and institutions following the coup”. (Democracy, that’s nice).

Theresa May’s tear-arsing round the world shaking hands with anyone who will let her through the door doesn’t look like good diplomacy, or the basis for making beneficial trade deals for the UK. It smacks of desperation, and the actions of a cold caller peddling their wares. The best deals are done by people coming to you Mrs. May.
Although you wouldn’t know that would you?

Later this year:-
February sees her in Malta. A huge trading nation.
March is the EU summit, Brussels. Probably to be told off.
May and she goes to Italy. New shoes for the Memsahib.
July is Germany. Methinks to be told off there as well.

September, the US again. At last, a friendly face aka Trump.
Unless she manages to upset him by then.
But it’s a long time between dates.
January and then September.
I fear that distant relationship won’t last.

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