The unexpected rewards of US Actions

A Conservative MP, Nadhim Zahawi, who was born in Iraq, is among those who have said they would not be able to travel to the US while the temporary ban is in place.

Only he shouldn’t be singled out as the only MP whose US travel rights may be affected.
There may be a few other UK politicians deserving of DHS and FBI vetting before letting them into America.

Some have criminal records or been found guilty of wrongdoings for all sorts of things. (expenses fraud seems to cope up a lot with politicians).
War crimes (or deserving of that label).
Or they are on that banned list.
Occasionally their stated religious and ethnic views need reviewing.
Their affiliations, business interests, statements, comments, and tweets they made could be interpreted as anti US or just counter productive to the public good.

Problem is parts of the UK vote in just about anyone nowadays.
Snappy suit, a person of privilege, gift of the gab, or just whether it’s politically correct or ‘multicultural and religiously acceptable’ to vote them in.

Food for thought President Trump.
Perhaps your ban on ethnic origins doesn’t go far enough!
Bear in mind that there are over 600,000 idiots in the UK who signed a petition to ban you from making a state visit to the UK.

See what some of us are up against!

Personally we’d welcome you.
Drop in, the kettle is always on.
We’d like to discuss emigrating out of here as this country is full of a’holes.
Actually the truth is we’d love to hitch a ride on Trump One to freedom!

p.s. We can be packed and ready to go in less than a hour!

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