English nursing crisis

Are English nurses a thing of the past? The government seems to think so.
After all why cancel the bursaries for student nurses offering instead to plunge them into debt which they’ll never pay off by changing things to the hugely expensive student loan scheme.

Fees in England’s universities are rising again, and they have noticed a 5% drop which is the first drop in UK applications since fees were last increased in 2012. So ignoring the fact that foreign students can’t afford to be schooled here anymore, the Royal College of Nursing has blamed the 23% drop in nursing applications on the removal of bursaries.

As a result, the cost for healthcare students to study at university (After Aug 2017) is projected to increase by 71% with average cost for a three-year healthcare degree of £21,000 to increase to around £36,000, leading students to potentially acquire 47,000 to £50,000 of debt by the time they qualify. Reports the Nursing Times.
(Newly qualified nurse earns around £22,000 p.a. before taxes)

Yet why should anyone worry?
It only takes 4 years to train a nurse, plus time for any specialist skills training.
So what to do about the nursing shortage of today, let alone tomorrow?

Easy, the government and the NHS will simply hire foreign nurses.
So now you’ve got doctors nurses, and medical technicians, that can’t speak English, with sometimes questionable skills, working with people at their most vulnerable.

Think that’s an over exaggeration?
I had minor knee surgery. The ultrasound technician was from the Philippines.
The surgeon was from Whereever-‘istan’ and I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.
The charge nurse translated for me. She was from Lithuania.
Yet the little ward assistant (not a nurse) had to correct her twice, she was from Belgium.

Take a flying guess at how confident I was about what was going to happen?
The ‘good news’ was there was a student doctor present. From Germany.
His English was impeccable and had snuck back to ‘put my mind at rest’.
So we’ve got Philippines, Whereever- ‘istan’, Lithuania, Belgium,and  Germany.
Whoops, nearly forgot, all the ward cleaners were Polish.
Their English was “Basic” to say the least.

The op went wrong (surprisingly) and on return for them to have another try, the surgeon was now a Sikh from another Whereever- ‘istan’.

The knee is still weakened by all their games, and I’m going to live with it.

That hospital? Boston, Lincolnshire.
Surprisingly enough the most Euro-phobic, migrant worker hating, constantly at war with all manner of crime (including a foreign team that blew up a whole industrial estate brewing illicit vodka, the kick being the ethyl alcohol they were adding to keep costs down), town in the UK.

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