How shocked am I (not)

 Channel 4 News spoke to alleged victims from the 1970s in Northern Ireland.
They claim British soldiers were waterboarding and electrocuting prisoners.
Never-before-seen documents show former British PM Ted Heath knew about it.

“Anonymous” victims incidentally. Fancy that, they didn’t want their names printed.
Still once again the naive TV media think that this is a scoop to end all scoops.

What we had then was a fight against terrorists waging civil war.
Probably before the wet behind the ears C4 journalists were even born.
So here is a brief reminder for them about terrorists.

  • Terrorists don’t fight fair, they have no rules, no honour, especially the bombers.
  • Collateral damage was acceptable by them and that includes civilians i.e. men, women, children, and babies.
  • They murder people in their own houses, on the streets, sometimes on a whim, and nearly always claiming their actions were justified or civilian deaths ‘unfortunate’.

So like I give a damn about how the troops got their Intel.
The only problem I can see is some fool of a politician wrote it all down.

Only let’s get a few more numbers down shall we.

Deaths caused by the Terrorists 1969 to 2010
Civilians 1879 (Men, Women, and including Children, Babies)

Terrorist Deaths 1969 to 2010
Rep. Paramil 399
Loyalist Paramil 162

Brit and Irish Security forces (including ex-serving) Deaths total 1128
Brit Army 766
Brit Police 6
RUC 319
Irish Pol(Nov 01) 1
Prison Officers 26
Garda Síochána 9
Irish Army 1

Problem with maths?
3007 non terrorists died 1969-2010
561    terrorists
Or just over 5 ‘civilians or security’ for each terrorist.

The Troubles:
The severn children killed in line of fire in Northern Ireland
Provos accused of ‘airbrushing history’ to cover up deaths of youngsters, some aged just 12, who died during the bloodiest years of the Troubles.

They talking about child soldiers. The junior section of the terrorists ‘army’.

So Channel 4 news.
You want to sensationalize deaths, DO YOUR RESEARCH.
Then first talk about the innocents that died by the hands of the terrorists.
After that you can tell us about the ‘poor hard done by’ terrorists (suspects or not) and how their sensitive human rights were abused.

And I’ll still spit in your eye.

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