Old news or getting worse?

More than 200 anti-Semitic incidents reported in Greater Manchester last year. Incidents in Greater Manchester included vandalism against synagogues, adults and children being attacked on the street, and thugs making Hitler ‘salutes’ at passers-by. (Link)

You could get a little cynical about this.

After all its sooooo against the law to target Muzzies or anything vaguely looking like a rapefugee or migrant worker at this time thus the more feral side of life will move onto something less contentious.

Or, could it be the Palestinians doing this.
Palestine, the only country where 100% nigh on of its population are Sunni Islam. They don’t particularly like Israel and the Jews in general.
Something that Obama did (or didn’t do) to Israel in the UN sort of empowered the Palestinians to be that little more open with their aggressive.

Or it could just be as a result of Mutti Merkel’s Europe.
I suppose that is a possibility as the rapefugee crisis has been blamed on the rise of nationalism and Extreme Right Activity.

Another good reason for Brexit. Control of our borders back in our hands should make the immigrant population drop. YET some people have always seen Brexit as a way of chucking out ‘foreigners’ and their ‘alien’ religions.

All interesting stuff that proves to me without a doubt that the UK citizenry is gently bubbling with rage under the surface of the politically correct and multicultural inclusion of foreigners and their religions.

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  1. The worms are turning…………..

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