Wikileaks takes on the big boys

WikiLeaks tweeted:
“From our archives: 1,138 documents on French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.”
Fifty-two minutes earlier, the organisation tweeted: “3,630 documents from our archives on French presidential candidate François Fillon.”

What’s this, Assange thinks he can “threaten” France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen and walk away unscathed?

Just my two cents worth,  but are you stupid or what?
Unlike the Brits, some of our European neighbours have teeth.
Better still they aren’t too worried about using them.
Only this time it won’t be the much feared National Gendarmerie Intervention Group of France (GIGN) that resolves a problem. This time it could be one of the Extreme Far Right groups that will sort out what the UK wouldn’t.

Upsetting just about everyone in power is simply ‘patty cake’ time Assange.
Poking the National Front of France may end up as an entirely more dangerous pastime.

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