A mouse squeaked

Russia is carrying out a sustained campaign of cyber attacks targeting democracy and critical infrastructure in the West, UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has warned.

OK, I’d agree but all I read is supposition.
Maybe, might have, “persistent pattern of behaviour”, suspected attacks, suspected hacking of the two main political parties in the US presidential elections.

Apparently the attack began in 2015 with a simple trick:
Hackers working for Russia’s civilian intelligence service (they have proof of this?) sent e-mails with hidden malware to more than 1,000 people working for the American government and political groups. Something that goes on round the world on a daily basis by fraudsters (government) and nearly every large software firm. Except Microsoft call it updates or Google call it making a better customer focused service.

Then the stupid owners of the computers, together with their inept computer technicians who probably hadn’t installed any safeguards, gaily opened up emails or whatever totally oblivious to the dangers. Talk about being dense!!!!

Only where is the proof that the hackers were Russians and not the NWO trying to implicate the Russians or some computer club made up of teenagers who thought it a huge joke? In the real world that’s what happens, kids, and ‘hack the planet’ activists, PLAY!

It’s so simple to stop this.
If Russia is as guilty as hell, present the HARD evidence for the world to see.
We don’t want to know about trends, activity, similar code (everyone shares code), or patterns, that some government computer nerd looking to make a name for themselves has dreamt up. Because that’s what we have here, the occasional academic or CIA, well trusted to manufacture the truth (not), or other government organisation of the same ilk as them who talked about WMD’s in Iraq, who talks about “it must have been them” when actually they haven’t got a clue who is was.

I suspect the world is also pretty peed off and bored stupid with all this talk and no proof.

Anyway back to Fallon.
Too often this jerk (who has ZERO military experience) makes claims then scuttles back under his stone to polish his capital projects which will also probably turn out to be disasters i.e. carriers without catapults or even the planes to fly off them. Upgrading Trident which when fired not long ago failed miserably. And Type 50 ships that don’t like warm water thus shutting down the engines.

They gave him a “Sir”- ship.
What was missing from that was a field for him to go and graze in.

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5 Responses to A mouse squeaked

  1. jlm990 says:

    What they fail to mention is that computer hacking/spying is done by everybody to everybody. Simply an extension of the standard spy vs.spy thing that has always gone on. Even allies spy on each other. Hell, Obama hacked Mutti Merkel’s cell phone. So why the persistent bitching about the Russians doing what comes naturally? What we are doing to them? Here in the States, the problem is that our Democrats got got with wiener in hand. And the leftist news media wants to cover up the fact that Killary Clinton was rejected by mainstream America, so ergo, the Russians did it. I’m guessing that on your side of the pond the lefties are simply walking in lock step with ours?

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