That Owellian moment

A billboard is being towed from Poland to the UK in protest at media reports referring to World War Two concentration camps as Polish, rather than the work of Nazi Germany.

deathcampsGeorge Orwell —
He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls
the present controls the past.’

All part of air brushing out bad history of what was done.
It’s significant that ZDF is a German Broadcaster.
Probably staffed by a generation bought up on the thoughts of Chairman (whoops) Chancellor “Mutti” Merkel i.e. Germany Rules Europe.
Thus Germany orders you to ‘do what they say’ and meekly ‘comply with what they think’.
Which doesn’t sit well with me let alone the Polish.

As for coming here to the UK? It’ll spark trouble.
Probably in areas that have a high density of Poles (typ. Boston, Lincolnshire).
OR, in London, where idiots like the BLM (UK Division) will try to hijack the ‘event’.

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