Europe’s dying gripe

European leaders rounded on Donald Trump as Angela Merkel warned the US and UK that cutting corporation tax would represent a race to the bottom.

Francois Hollande, the French President, accused Mr Trump of a lack of “respect” for the European Union after the US President dismissed the EU as a “vehicle for Germany”.

Europe is a vehicle for Germany.
Everyone knows the European Union is one union under Germany.
The newest of European wars won by Germany using their money lending and bullying tactics.

If you think it’s not, I cite little Greece.
Destroyed by Germany and it’s troika.
Not forgetting the Ukraine which was bumbling along very nicely until the EU made a power grab for its gas and oil, AND FAILED!

Respect is also earned, not forced onto others by threats of fines and sanctions.
Then being told they will have to share the ‘burden’ of Merkels mistakes, or else!
Not forgetting the gunboat diplomacy that the EU / NATO are trying with Russia. Surrounding them, sanctioning them, accusing them of just about everything.

Putin sleeping well at night probably thinking fk’ them.

Immigration, Europe’s downfall.
Lessons were also learned by Merkel’s love affair with 1.1 million potential rapefugees and the terrorist attacks that has caused.
Trump seeing and probably acting on some of the evidence FROM EUROPE that mass immigration is a clear and present danger to the US’s national security.

Only the foolish judiciary in the US, some of it from Obama and some of it that should have been put out to grass years ago, just can’t see the logic  of closing borders to protect the homeland. Old minds, closed minds, easily swayed, judgements made by the influence of . . . . Well you’ve got to be wondering haven’t you?

So why not protect America by shutting out the danger?
What happened to protecting America from all enemies both foreign and domestic. (Perhaps some of them are closet Muslims or communists.)
Time for a purge Trump!
You’ve got the cojones to do so and the backing of many a citizen.

As for business in the US and UK

US business interests is at last in the hands of a politician who understands it.
He trying to protect his country from unfair trading conditions (TTIP).
Which may have favoured the EU against the US.
As for attracting business by lowering taxes? Why not?
It’s not personal (yet) but it can be.
Push Trump hard enough and you’ll soon find that out.

As for the UK?
We can’t wait to get out of Europe’s grasp. (Except for some an@l retentives)
For too long Europe has bullied international business and the UK.
Drop taxes and international business can flourish here thus benefiting the UK.
Attracting big business to move to the UK is a good move.
Trading outside the EEA, with the world, is a better move.
As for Europe with its ‘Eurocratic’ practices?
It simply won’t be able to compete. (Like I care).

Only who does care about Europe?
Europe is collapsing from within.
Little countries openly defying Germany, the EU, and still trading with Russia!
European Referendum are due before summer and the old (EU) guard will be ousted.
Hollande will soon be replaced by someone looking at France’s best interests.
As for Merkel? She is sooooo on borrowed time.

That sound you hear.
The gasping, scratchy, pained breath. That throaty gurgling noise.
That’s coming from all the EU’s centre players.
Europe is on its death-bed, and not a moment too soon!

Let the games commence!

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4 Responses to Europe’s dying gripe

  1. jlm990 says:

    Trust me mate, the purges are coming. Trump learned from the radical left that he who controls the judiciary makes the rules. We will have a new correct thinking Supreme Court judge soon and hopefully one or more of the crusty old lefties on the court will soon pass on to their just rewards. But the real fun will begin with the lower judiciary. A lot of open judge seats that need to be filled. And as for the lefties still sitting on the bench like this “judge” who just took control of our borders? I suspect impeachment is in their future. Its called draining the swamp. As for Muti’s schicksal? Even squareheads wake up eventually.

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