France aka New Mecca

Basically there are two sides in the election.
Marine LePen and the National Front who want to return France to an individual country in charge of itself and it’s borders.
And Emmanuel Macron, whose party is called En Marche (English: On The Move).
He’s a socialist. Oh OH, appeasement politics warning.

He also slammed plans to close national borders within the EU amid calls for member states to work together to combat terrorism. As such he is VERY PRO European Union.

A socialist and stupid? How unusual (not).

He also appeared to mock US President Donald Trump’s policy of building a wall with Mexico, likening it to France’s row of fortifications which failed to stop Hitler in 1940. “I don’t want to build a wall. I can assure you there’s no wall in my programme. Can you remember the Maginot Line?”

Funny that, France was lost, America and the rest of the free world saving France from the Nazis. No mention of that was there! Still he is a socialist.

Thus he would appear to be on the side of modern Europe whoops Germany with its open borders, “hug a rapefugee” policies. Still Germany rules Europe at this time so he’s quite right. With him in power, there is no need for a wall to keep out the invading hoards. Germany will provide.

Still what’s a never ending state of emergency to a socialist?
Or an increasing jihardist murder count.

Thus Europe with him in power will march side by side  (crowd control by the Germans), banners waving, all socialist like, straight into the grand state of New Mecca.

Europe, what a mess.

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    Watched another video of a truck driver going through the Calais gauntlet with hundreds, if not thousands, of absolutely able bodied MALES ONLY throwing rocks and trying to climb on trucks. The 2nd time I watched the video, I looked for females. NONE to be seen. Yet, this is what the EU says is OK to enter their country? WTF?

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