W.E. Fairbairn stated:-

“Unarmed combat is only for those FOOLISH enough to be caught without a weapon.”

Only what is a weapon, an offensive weapon, and is there a difference between defensive or offensive weapons?

Not in the eyes of UK law”

UK law defines a weapon as ‘a tool or any article’ made or adapted for inflicting either mental or physical injury to the person, or intended by the person having it with him for such use.

When you start thinking along those lines i.e. any article, it’s a must have skill to know how to adapt those everyday objects for use as defensive weaponry.


The only one used correctly is ticked. The other two can turn and cut your hands.
So REMEMBER, it’s not only what to use but HOW to use it.

Some Basic Rules:-
Only use a weapon in an ambush mode i.e. without warning.
Never draw (deploy) a weapon unless you are going to use it.
Use that weapon hard and fast in a sustained attack until the target is rendered incapable.
Only then stop the attack and ESCAPE.

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6 Responses to W.E. Fairbairn stated:-

  1. Death by teacup comes to mind (Chronicles of Riddick)

  2. KonaCommuter says:

    I read that the then world heavy weight Judo Champion when asked about how he’d defend himself if attacked in “teh street” replied “with a lump of wood”

    I envy Americans 2A

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