Thoughts on knifes and blades.

20 Oct 2016 – Murder rate rises 20%, knife crime 9% and gun crime 7% according to police recorded crime figures. … Violent crime in England and Wales has risen by 24%, including a 9% rise in knife crime and a 7% rise in gun crime in the 12 months to June.

And the various ‘governments’ in the Untied (Not a typo) Kingdom are calling for a clamp down on ‘online knife sales’. Wow, that’s really going to affect the figures of GUN CRIME isn’t it? Still, us preppers and survivalists will just have to go down the local prepper/survivalist shop (which there isn’t) and buy face to face. How boring.

A knife, a blade, or even pointy sticks are the most common weapon on the streets despite the ban on under 18’s buying them. They also aren’t considered a weapon nowadays by the under 25’s, not even considered as a fashion accessory, and people are arming themselves because everyone else already has. That’s a vicious circle that started years ago. So where does that leave the law-abiding? In exactly the same boat as they are regarding the ownership of personal firearms i.e. defenceless.

Only let’s get realistic about self-defence against a bladed weapon.
Even though you know the other person is carrying a blade, the chances are you will get cut if they deploy that kind of weapon.
So much for defence eh?

Practical example.
Put two hands by your side.
Get someone to say go. On ‘go’ clap your hands.
If someone with a knife was within your intimate space, in the time it took you to clap, their knife is in your guts.

Documented reaction time to visual stimuli is approximately 180–200 ms, whereas for sound it is around 140–160 ms.
Intimate distance is classed as under ½ a metre.
You basically don’t stand a chance even if you had a knife and especially if you were drawing it or a gun.

I’m coming to this conclusion from knowing that on average it takes (with training and practice) about 1.5 seconds on a range under idea conditions to draw and loose a shot. That’s not long is it.

So, rule one. Distance is King in combat.
You must always maintain your personal space.

So how close is too close.
To do that we need to consider the average walking speeds.
The two age groups are 25-60 and 60 to 81 years.

Normal walking speed
60-81y 1.3 mps
25-60y 1.4 mps
Fast walking speed (Lunge speed)
60-81y 1.7 mps
25-60y 1.8 mps

Intimate Space? 0 m to 0.45 m (1.5 ft) As explained, no chance.

Personal Space? 0.45 m to 1.2 m. (1.5 ft to 4 ft.) Or about 1 step.
Nope, that’s not far enough.
You’ve got less than a second to react, draw, aim and fire.
Even if you were ready, deployed, you’ve lost a 1/5 of a second just in the delay between seeing and starting to move.

Even if you start to retreat (aka back off), you’ve still lost about ½ step in reaction time and the attacker will be within striking range.

Social Space? 1.2 m to 3.6 m. (4 ft to 12 ft or 2 steps)
A bit better.
In an ideal world you’ll have about 2 seconds If you knew it was coming.

Second lesson. If you are in a location where danger is present, you need whatever weapon you are carrying deployed and ready for use.
That does not mean brandishing the weapon in public.

Public space? 3.6 m to 7.6 m (12 ft to 25 ft or 4 steps)
Now we’re talking BUT for safety, you still need to be deployed or at least locked and cocked with your weapon in your hand.

Yet all I’ve talked about so far is applying distance as your sole means of protection.
What if someone starts to approach you?

Third lesson.
Current thinking is you put barriers between you and them.
Doors, walls, chairs, vehicles, etc.
It’s a sensible approach. That and distance. Add distance.

As for deploying your weapon?
The psychology is two-fold.
If your weapon has distance aka a firearm, the sight of it might deter attack
Otherwise to brandish a close combat weapon is foolish.
It forewarns the assailant to what you have.
The best way to use any CQB weapon is in an ambush mode.
The secret being your ability to strike first before they do.

Apart from that, the usual situation awareness and close combat techniques are called for.
Never turn your back on someone.
Do not issue a challenge by word, eye contact, or action.
At best you’ll win, usually you’ll be cut, and are you sure you are ready to kill
Always have something behind your back so assailants can’t surprise you.
Never enter somewhere you don’t know how to get out of.
Even then never go into a place where you cannot maintain your social space.

Doesn’t sound like a kung fu way to knife dance does it.
Only dancing is pointless if you want to walk away unscathed.
Now Security experts all over will talk about disarming a person, techniques.
How to fight mano e mano and win.
That’s a good trick. Especially without being cut.

A knife or blade is best used in an ambush mode.
Deployed with stealth, suddenly, at close range.
Anything else seems a bit like B.S. unless you are putting on a show or don’t mind being cut.

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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Be unpredictable if possible. When the little bastard tried to rob me when I was exiting the bank, he was walking towards the door entrance, head slightly down and hands in pocket, then sprung with the knife. I stepped into him. Disarming him but getting cut. I missed his windpipe. I’m still angry at myself for that, every time I think of it. I wanted to crush his windpipe in my hand. I’m probably not what he expected as a sap victim, and I also did something that he never expected by the look in his eyes, before he ran off. I would have stepped on his foot as I moved forward but he was in reverse gear when I knocked the knife out of his grip. Little rat bastard.

  2. Brittius says:

    No need to run him down, too simple and too quick. I want my hands on the throat. When I get angry, I don’t want a gun or knife, only bare hands, because I want him to suffer.
    There was a muscular black kid of 22 years, I later found out, as news spread of the trio. He tried to sucker punch me. He ended up on the ground, crying. Something kicked in, that I did not know was still with me, from when I was a lad of 19 years old. His two pals, after I finished him rapidly, they put their hands straight up in the air and said they were not in on it. They witnessed what I did. One said as they crept off, “Oh shit! That old man was fast!”. The trio has since left the area and hopefully under some rock, or in a prison cell where they belong. I suspect robbery was their motive.

    • forget Rambo, think m
      odern policing.
      You’re guilty first, innocent costs money aka a good lawyer.

      In your time a good frag was one without witnesses.

      That’s how I worked yesteryear, that’s how I’ll work tomorrow.

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