The enemy exposed

A US appeals court has rejected President Donald Trump’s attempt to reinstate his ban on visitors from seven mainly Muslim countries. (BBC)

I never thought the US establishment, judiciary, and the not so civil servants, would endanger the population so recklessly. Just to prove they can.

Still, there you have it.
Political correctness, multiculturalism, multifaith tolerant, and weak liberal Democrat, thinking, have opened the floodgates to the US potentially turning into yet another Little Mecca.

My minds picture of America has been soiled. Nothing good will come of this.

But it’s just like that in the UK.
The security of our split nation decided by those who have never had to scoop another’s blood. Just those who can read.

For me ‘Drain the swamp’ may have taken on a new meaning for President Trump, and the ‘marine’s words’ of wisdom sound stronger overnight.

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