The NHS minister gloats

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has conceded the NHS in England is facing “completely unacceptable” problems. (BBC)

jeremyhunt“Not my fault”

He’s got to be so pleased that the hatchet job he did on the NHS worked so well.
Because make no mistake, this pillock is behind most of what is happening today.

His solution?
Mr Hunt said the key was to treat more people “at home and in the community” to ease the burden on hard-pressed hospitals.

Well we would except the GP service largely isn’t.
For basic drugs there are so many controls that people are forced to buy inferior product from the Internet as they can’t get to see a GP to get a doctors script (prescription) so have to self medicate. Or do what a few survivalists do, use antibiotics for fish or poultry.

As for care in the community?
Hunt has starved that of cash to such an extent that the only people doing well out of the care in the community are the funeral directors.

Yep, that’s what I’m saying, Hunt is killing people by starving the UK’s health service of funding and resources.

Yet another triumph of Tory values.
If you can’t work because of illness, disability, or just old age:-


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8 Responses to The NHS minister gloats

  1. shtfprepper says:

    Keep delaying treatments needed asap by forming committees to look into X and Y. Then hold meaningless votes after years of thinking of something to do. By the time all that is complete, most of their constituents are dead.

  2. “Treat more people at home and in the community”.Yep. An excuse for councils to put up local taxes to ‘fund care in the community’: where care workers are run ragged with allocated time for visits, but no travel times to get there; where unscrupulous care workers steal from or bully the vulnerable; where community halls are closed due to cutbacks.
    Now’s the time to look for good neighbours.

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