Too little, too late, and too slow.

A probe investigating allegations made against Iraq war veterans will be shut down within months, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has announced. (BBC)

The Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) would close in the summer and around 20 remaining cases be given to the Royal Navy Police, he said. MPs have branded the probe, which has spent £34m but led to no successful prosecutions, an “unmitigated failure”.

Except what compensation will the harassed, abused, mentally stressed, serving and ex-forces personnel get?

Probably nothing. Such is the ‘generosity’ of the British Government.

Yet it doesn’t solve the newest of witch hunts in Northern Ireland.
Where terrorists walked free with the British governments blessing and now ex-forces pensioners stand accused of trumped-up crimes they were cleared of 40 plus years ago.

Perhaps the ‘no military experience at all’ defence minister should sort that one out at the same time. If he can solve two problems at the same time.

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5 Responses to Too little, too late, and too slow.

  1. jlm990 says:

    When I returned from Vietnam, civilians treated us like crap. At least our own government wasn’t trying to rail road us. In Afghanistan, I served with a lot of Brit mates that served in the “Troubles” and was able to get a clearer picture of it than most Americans. My heart goes out to the British soldiers who answered the call, risked their lives next to G.I. Joe, and are getting screwed by their own government. It has “been time” on both sides of the Atlantic for a long time now. And I am guessing that is going to be soldiers, ex and current, who are going to make the clock chime on both sides of the pond. Just my 2

    • Dumped by Gov (MOD), did one good thing. It put me on the streets where I was found by another who knew my skill.

      It’s sort of ironic that what eventually broke me saved me.
      (If you get my drift.)

      BUT I knew a few who sank, and some sank damn fast on the streets. Some said it was a blessing, double quick time to a long sleep. Booze and shives mainly. It’s sad when the nations best die behind a dumpster.

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