More Forces Embarrasment


Take a pay cut to duck war, lads: Soldiers are offered a three day week and a pay deal to dodge fighting on the front line, in a bid to make the Army more ‘family friendly’ .

British troops ‘forced to buy Argos heaters’ to cope with ice-cold barracks, reports claim
SERVICEMEN and women have been forced to buy their own heaters from Argos in a bid to keep their rundown barracks warm, it has emerged. The Royal Signals have struggled to train vital new recruits to use complicated signalling equipment due to the bone-chilling accommodation.

Soldiers threaten boycott after being forced to pay MORE money for ‘grim’ meals. SEETHING servicemen and women are threatening a boycott after being told they will have to stump up more money for ‘disgusting’ army meals.
And they are dire, but that’s what happens when you contract stuff out.

Poor accommodation, bad food, the reputation of being called “The Borrowers” as the haven’t got enough kit. What’s not to like?

Major boiler issues in High Wycombe have left 120 RAF operatives without a reliable supply of hot water or heating for three years.

Housing for UK military families appalling, MPs say in scathing report. MoD and CarillionAmey held responsible after thousands of complaints including no heating, rat infestations and filthy homes.

A busy RAF single mum is urging colleagues not to keep issues to themselves after spending a winter without central heating in her Service Families Accommodation. Fortunately for Sergeant Tracey Bond, her Warrant Officer was at a meeting where a member of the RAF Families Federation Team was present and explained her predicament. Tracey, who has lived in Service Families Accommodation for sixteen years, explained how she had experienced six months of failed attempts, to fix her heating before the RAF FF stepped in.

The Navy (Zimmer frames optional)
A new campaign will see former sailors as old as 60 asked to consider rejoining the Senior Service on a “bespoke five-year contract”.

Retired sailors up to the age of 55 will be allowed to apply to fill a vast array of positions on HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, though the Sunday Express can reveal that a 58-year-old has been asked to extend his service by five years.

It comes just weeks after defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon proclaimed 2017 as “the year of the Navy” and follows difficulties in recruiting Naval reservists for year-long postings.

Brand new ships, no aircraft, and staffed by VERY senior (in years) ratings.

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