First Walk

Went out today, SWMBO still conked out with flu.
As said, first real walk. A magnificent half a mile.
I was exhausted after the first 100 yards yet, as always, the dog wouldn’t ‘perform’.

So a bit longer, and longer still. Me cursing the hound from hell, leaning against lamp posts, and eventually the damn thing did it’s business.

Yippee, scoop, dump in bin, and back to the boat. 42 minutes.
Yep, from leaving the boat to getting back 42 minutes.
(Not that I was counting).

Now I know why SWMBO is so peed off, and yes hell will freeze over before we go back down to see our usually bug ridden friend.

So flu jab back in October did nothing. Wanna know why?
This strain of flu is “uncommon in the UK”.
So uncommon, it seems that 4/5 people are catching it and when the elderly do, I’ve been told it rapidly evolves into pneumonia.

Next year, I don’t care how much the doctor whines at me or SWMBO, we ain’t having it!
Damn I wish this kettle would hurry up and boil !!!!!!!!!!!


A small (not really) footnote.
Shigellosis, norovirus, dysentery, this “unusual strain of flu”, are all making the rounds in the UK.  Yep you read it right, dysentery. All of the above are sweeping through Birmingham and Stoke on Trent. Two of the multicultural centers of the UK. Add Preston, Lancashire and Cornwall, they all figure in the bugged out list.

Want my personal advice (for what it’s worth)?
If you have to come, bring Imodium, phone and ASK if any of the hotel staff or where you are visiting are sick. Don’t forget, and I cannot confirm this, US flu jabs are different to UK ones so might be as ineffective as ours are.

And finally (just before making that cup of tea).
Here is an offering on how to keep safe.


  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water after using the toilet and regularly throughout the day
  • Wash your hands before handling, eating or cooking food
  • Avoid sharing towels
  • Wash all dirty clothes, bedding and towels used by an infected person on the hottest possible cycle of the washing machine
  • Help young children to wash their hands properly
  • Where possible, infected people should stay away from others until symptoms have stopped
  • Do not go to work or school until you have been symptom free for 48 hours
  • Infected people should not go swimming, have sex, or prepare food for others until they have been symptom free for 48 hours
  • Clean toilet seats, toilet bowls, flush handles, taps and sinks with detergent and hot water well with a household detergent
  • As for flu? Are you still coming? Brave people.
  • Bring loads of your usual OTC medicines (or buy them on arrival)
  • Where possible stay away from our hospitals (I mean that most sincerely)
  • Carry a FFP3 or P100 mask in case anyone is coughing or spluttering on the plane.
    One for the flight in, and definitely one for the flight home.
  • Nitrile medical inspection gloves are optional.
  • And yes you can buy alcohol hand wash in chemists and some supermarkets.

Is all this OTT?
Funny I thought preppers were prudent.
Incidentally there is no mention of this ANYWHERE on the RSOE EDIS website.
But nothing ever goes wrong in the Untied Kingdom does it!

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  1. Brittius says:

    While enjoying it all, you should visit the local center(s) where they have refugee services, and spread the pleasures, with them.

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