For my next joke, UK Border Security

A deported Albanian murderer has snuck back into the UK and is running a car wash in Leicester. Convicted killer Selami Cokaj, 43, was kicked out of Britain in 2009 after officials discovered he had escaped from jail in Albania. He was convicted of stabbing a man to death in 1994, but escaped just three years into his 20 year sentence and fled to Britain. But he is now said to be back living with his family in a detached house in Oadby, Leicestershire, and running a local car wash firm. (Link)

Now I’d like to think that today the police will be raiding his home and place of work and packing the whole lot back to Albania. That’s him and his family. Thus nullifying any reason for coming here. What, too simple?

As said, I’d like to say that BUT I can just feel the growing crowd of human rights solicitors arriving outside both those locations. That and her with the shoes (Memsahib May) isn’t home secretary anymore so one of her underlings will have to see to it.

After that it’s only a question of priorities, manpower, court time, booking passage, getting him on a plane plus family, the media backlash, the EU AND the UN will have something to say about it I’m sure, the anti everything jerks, or will it be BLM, or whatever.

There is so much need for “the marine” to set up shop in the Untied Kingdom.
One thing is certain, he, or she, will never be bored.

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