It’s all the media’s fault

Well usually, but behind their “if it bleeds it leads” approach to things is sometimes a force they can’t bypass just because the sensible (or even political world) want them to, morally or not. Thus when I read an article (which I totally agreed with) which said “Maybe it’s time for the media to stop glamorizing this sickness”, much as I hate to point this out, sometimes the media can’t stop from ‘promoting’ the wrong stuff.

So that’s my membership to ‘free thinkers of the world unite’ cancelled.
Only here’s my thinking.

Long Post warning, stock up with:-


It’s a mindset that does it and in my opinion nothing to do with what the media want to do. They are just the fools who have (corporate lawyers) that call the shots.

Just about anything in brackets from now one is about the law.
NOT law enforcement, the law. (Yep, I do draw the line somewhere).

Still it goes like this.
Take something totally unacceptable and offensive to many.
It doesn’t matter why. Religion, culture, politics, traditions, or anything that the majority don’t think is acceptable. The end game the followers of that activity are looking for isn’t to persuade everyone they are right, only to make the unacceptable, acceptable, to a chosen few.

That’s the hard bit for them, choosing the right chosen few rabid enough to upset things. Knowing that those chosen few will force their will onto everyone else, usually through (the application of law!)

Now all they have to do is convince them that it’s an abuse to human rights, government interference, or whatever, and possibly the thin edge of the wedge on their activities, sit back and let the children play on their behalf. An oppressed minority. Cue another set of (lawyers, the unscrupulous lot), who support anything provided it pays enough. Ring any bells? Anyway off to court they go.

Courts are easily manipulated, after all when was the last time someone on the Bench (Judiciary) stood up to those rabid few (and their lawyers) and lived professionally to tell the tale. Political correctness, human rights, alphabet mix whatever screaming bloody murder, you pick it. Then select the right (judge) and a judge’s order will be served provided they just keep on hammering away at it until they get what they want.

At which point the media have no choice but to go with the flow as their (corporate lawyers) won’t want to be challenged or sued. After all if it’s now (the law), to not do so may be construed as acting against (the order of the court).

Thus they are forced (corporate lawyers remember), or by constant pressure (by that chosen few) on that media to (comply with the law), either way forcing the media to challenge those who think it’s unacceptable.

Meanwhile, those chosen few are going about their business convincing young impressionable minds that in the main it’s just old fools who challenge new ideas, or the government ignoring the will of the people. Whatever they want to suggest some immature minds will identify with it and peer pressure usually does the rest. Wind up the toys boys and unleash the violence. Well protest anyway which is most cases leads to violence.

Now it’s the (law) protests probably occur. Easily stopped by bringing out new laws opposing protest which only inflames the great unwashed which plays straight into the hands of the rabid few, and political correctness (government saving their own skins), human rights (government saving their own international reputation), alphabet mix whatever, or Save the lesser spotted weevil, for all I care will all take voice in support of what was unacceptable. Sad really but there you go, say no to some people and they just go wild!

Bottom line? It leaves those who think whatever was unacceptable as criminals by the will of the manipulative few.

Simple eh?
Well not really but the solutions are seldom enacted.
The very people who know the unacceptable is wrong won’t cross the law abiding line. Something the rabid few know is true.

Except occasionally this is where the whole thing falls down as free thinking people just totally ignore the law in anger against being told what to think and go after the unacceptable, their ‘chosen few’, the government (if applicable), and (the judiciary).

What I’m talking about is a three-pronged “attack”.
First through the courts.
If they win, that will inflame the great unwashed and basically you’ve got civil war.
Only that seldom happens. Them winning I mean.
Thus (the judiciary) sits and passes verdict not really wanting to cause conflict within their closed circle. Nothing of course to do with a phone call from ‘on high’ offering advice.
If it does rule against the minority, bang, it’s back (in court) the next day, and the game restarts.
Meanwhile the rabid few are doing everything to make their stance look like a group of church going choir boys fighting against the minority hating government. Cue the misinformed and mentally delusional. The same lot who welcomed in the European refugees only to be raped later.

Gets messy after that doesn’t it? Part Two.
Meanwhile the angry people take to the streets, usually with a new-found purpose the media are forced BY GOVERNMENT to call the ‘Far Right’ or ‘vigilantes’, and they are looking for the unacceptable and the chosen few.

After all without them there is no reason not to judge against them.
Which could put them at odds with law enforcement. Note the ‘could put them’.

Rightly or wrongly, and it seems that everyone homes in on the wrong carried out by a minority of LEO’s, most ‘decent’ law enforcement have a strong sense of what is acceptable or unacceptable behavior, thoughts about laws that are just plain wrong, orders issued by the misled (boy that’s me at my very politically correct), or stupid orders from central government (neatly returning me to being non PC again).

As an example we’ve seen this regarding Obama and his war on the second Amendment where some of the top US law enforcement stood proud with the backing of the people.

I just wish our UK law enforcement had such strong principles and didn’t follow the politically correct whims and sometimes morally wrong orders of the government.

Part three.The money side of things.
But hang on, you can’t buy the press can you? (ROTFL)
Well actually you can by depriving it of what it needs most i.e. money, revenue.
For example, what if sponsors or business removed advertisement revenue due to a particular station’s stance? What if viewing, reading, or listening figures bombed.
How long does a (corporate lawyer) think they can say ‘it’s the law’ to someone looking like losing their business before finally saying, “lets work round this”.
After all few media standalone and when one takes a stand, the less unscrupulous ones will support that.

And yes, some will say I’m stupid, but I’ve seen what good media can do, especially regarding veterans and forces affairs in the UK. (Never enough but it’s a start).

So that’s it.
Is it the media’s fault? Probably most of the time.
Except when it gets important, REALLY important, then they lose control to their (corporate lawyers).

Ultimately I’m blaming the legal system.
Note, I’m NOT targeting the law enforcement BUT I’ve got a phrase I used to use a lot when they got things wrong or were “following the law”:-
Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23.34)

As for the law makers?
Shakespeare’s exact line was ”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” (Henry VI).
Bright guy for his time was our Will’.

Orwell wrote in England your England.
It is not that anyone imagines the law to be just.
Everyone knows that there is one law for the rich and another for the poor.
But no one accepts the implications of this, everyone takes it for granted that the law, such as it is, will be respected, and feels a sense of outrage when it is not.

Only that was written when people didn’t generally use the law to force the unacceptable onto the masses. That’s changed and for my generation (or is it my type of person), we’ll fight a wrong. Though unlike some more civilized countries, we aren’t equipped for conflict (due to the law) and my favorite Marine’s words “and the sad truth is that 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

That’s not an option (yet).

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