France burns?

But of course.
Only this time it was the trash France let in who are rioting.
And that’s solely down to the current old guard socialist government.

Marine Le Pen will have a tougher job sorting out France after she takes over because of this fiasco. Still she does have the popular support.
Something tells me that at this particular moment,
A FREXIT referendum would be a given.
Especially if Paris has anything to say about it.

One joyous note though.
French police have been loosing live rounds off into the rioters.
Being hit with molotov cocktails and metal balls used in Petanque (a form of Boule) which weigh between 680 gr (24 oz) and 720 grams (25 oz) will do that for most.
That’s going to save France plenty in the long-term costs of rehousing the trash in cages.

Only where is the French Army?
With their weaponry, and given a free hand, this could turn out to be one hell of a good warm up exercise for them. After all with Marine Le Pen in charge, the ‘problem children’ may need a little encouragement to behave while packing for their return home.

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