The pictures from Sgt Blackman’s camera

Look, I’m not saying things were not tough, they probably were.
I say probably only because I wasn’t there.
Anyone who has seen action knows it sucks in, out, under, and above what civilians can understand.

Only what has been presented doesn’t even scratch the surface of what guys and girls through military conflict have, had, and are putting up with.
What is presented here with ‘sanitized’ media eyes isn’t the whole truth because to present the whole truth today would drop recruiting to freefall figures and the bravado and politics of ‘lets go to war’, into the trash forever.

“As the surviving marines slogged back to their temporary base (not Omar), they were confronted by the sight of the legs of a comrade hanging in a tree.”

That’s Psyops 101.
Hang trophies, mutilated bodies.
Blood is good, doesn’t matter what, Dog, calf, goat.
Minced guts work too.
Now add ‘bad guy’ bits of clothing and a fk’ing great puddle of blood and they get scared.
Only problem is if they do it and add a good guy’s helmet or shredded clothing .
It works the other way.
Some of you know it’s never boots. They always keep the boots.
Make people suffer, screaming all day, you can’t see but have to listen.
Guess what, it could just be a tape.
Don’t matter, it fk’s with the mind and that’s what matters.

Civilians just can’t understand the visual and mental horror of the sight, sound and smell.
They can’t understand that what you fight sometimes isn’t human.
The ‘bad guys’ just don’t give a flying f’k about honor, or anything we call civilized behavior. Yet you expect ‘noble’ behavior from those pushed over the edge?
Bollocks to you.

There is a saying, “before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes”
Or, get out there and face what those guys did.
Personally I’d release Blackman tomorrow, pay him 10 million quid compensation for treating him like shit, most of which will go to sorting out his injuries, and move on.

But they,
The ministry of lies won’t.
The politicians definitely won’t.
The judiciary won’t.
The military brass won’t.
Common sense won’t.
The public don’t really give a toss.
And the media?
I’ve done that bit already but as said, in the main, if it bleeds it leads!!!!!!!!!!!
So sensationalism and reading figures in the main won’t.

Which is why the Armed Forces of today is truly fk’d.
Want a good life? Stay out of the Armed Forces.
Because in the main the enemy is multitude and it starts right behind you, government, politicians, leadership, law, and the unknowing gullible sheeple general public.

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