Microsoft UK sales to bomb

And a little rave.
Microsoft’s laptops cost between £1,449 and £3,049 depending on their specification, and the price rises that range from 6.7% to 15.1%.

Profiteering again, Microsoft are pricing themselves out of the UK market place.
Add to that they had already increased the cost of its business software and cloud services in the country in recent months.

Microsoft and Apple might as well go home and move out-of-the-way of the more ethical operating systems, productivity suites, and equipment manufacturers.

Their day soon done.

Now I got this from a market share analysis site on operating systems for Jan 2017.
Windows 7    47.20%
Windows 10    25.30%
Windows XP    9.17%
Windows 8.1    6.90%

Linux        2.27%

Mac OS X 10.12    2.75%
Mac OS X 10.11    1.73%
Mac OS X 10.10    1.07%

Mac (apple) has already done price rises together with Windows. So although they “dominate” operating systems, sat quietly in the middle, is LINUX in its many forms.

Open source O/S’s are gaining ground as people are DUMPING the two big fools and looking round for a cheaper, more stable, less invasive, (especially regarding confidentiality and security of cloud storage) alternative OS’s.

People are just sick and tired of being ripped off and having “Big Brother” reading everything they do. Courtesy of the big two’s co-operation or failures in their bloatware.

Same for equipment, hardware, laptops, sort of thing.
While advertising makes IPads and uSoft Surface (or whatever) attractive to techno nerd sheeple. Many people have been caught out by the same OS failures, security issues, and of course inflated pricing. Caught out, left hopping mad, and rethinking their whole computing experience.

Next productivity software, office suites and the like.
Why pay hundreds for uSoft products when Open Source software does everything the others do only for free and often with a more stable and user-friendly adaptable platform that doesn’t need updating every time you switch on?

So if you are using the big two’s products, the next questions I’ll ask is:-
Are you rich or just stupid!
Your answer will be “but they are the industry standard”.
Only who wrote that standard?
Who said they were best anyway?
Who paid them to say that?
That and can’t you think for yourself?

I’ll give you an example.
A small internet cafe was 100% uSoft for its OS and desktop software.
With constant software failures and reloads, 30% of their aged laptops and PC’s were out of service most of the time. I know this because I worked on them occasionally.

They swapped onto a Linux type platform, ditched all uSoft desktop operations and went Open Source for all desktop utilities including anti-virus.
Net software cost per laptop, £0. Install time, an hour a unit.
Total down time in the next 6 months? 3% for software only failures.
Customers noting the equipment sped up and their experience was better.

Now you can rave about uSoft and Apple all you want, but the number of IPads visiting boaters (in tears) bring to me with software problems only to be told what do you expect?. You may get the idea I’m not ‘BIG CORPORATE’ inclined engineer when it comes to computers and software.

Fun bit? Common fault, no internet or S/W lock outs. Yet there’s me sat there tapping away on a VERY old laptop using open source products doing the same tasks for 1/3 the money and at the same speed.

There first question, “Why does yours work and mine doesn’t?”
Second question, “Where can I buy what you use?”
Then I have to pick them up after the shock of how cheaply they COULD have done it all.

So I’m predicting the demise of the tech giants soon.
They know that thus I’d guess that’s why they are robbing people blind now before the good times end. My advice? Think alternative, think open source, and think security now.
Security and safety of your on-board (and cloud) data being my biggest ‘sales’ point.

That and I do love the terms “open source”, “free” and “memory stick”.
So, every time I watch a person switch to a sensible computer experience with my help, I smugly think, “I helped them escape big brother and those corporate thieves.”

Little me.
One of a growing group
Of rebels with a cause!

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