Brexit under threat (again)

Once again I type those words and this time its ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.
Money in the form of EU pensions for our Lords and Masters in (strangely enough) the House of Lords.

Peers with generous EU retirement packages were last night urged to declare them publicly before intervening in this week’s Lords debate on the Brexit Bill.

More than 20 in receipt of substantial pensions from the EU.

  1. Labour’s Lord Mandelson, ex-trade commissioner, £35,000 pa
  2. Former Labour leader Lord Kinnock ex-vice president of the EU Commission.
    Pension £1.7 million, £87,800 pension pa.
  3. Michael Cashman ex-Labour MEP, £390,000 pension, £20,100 a year.
  4. Ex-labour MEP Lord Balfe, Pension £558,000, £28,742 a year.
  5. High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, Baroness Ashton. Salary around £328,000. Pension pot of £1 million, around £51,400 a year.

The full list is here (Link)

Except this time greed could bring the House of Lords down with a crash.
The lower house of parliament KNEW that as it would be defying the referendum result and despite the MANY traitorous scum who voted against the bill, it passed easily enough.
The Lords? I’m betting they are thinking MONEY.

BUT, the House of Lords (all 805 of them) is a mixture of all parties:-
Tory          252   Bishops     26
Labour     202   Misc           14
Lib.Dem   102   No Party    31
Indep        178

Thus the Tory party (government) HAS NOT got a majority.
Problem is Labour and the Lib.Dems are dead against Brexit.
So the danger exists of a NO VOTE on article 50.

What I’m asking myself now is what happens if the House of Lords rejects it or hangs so many amendments to the bill as to make it unworkable?
Personally I can see them doing just that (for greed) and the biggest constitutional crisis since the second world war will ensue.

Interesting times they are upon us.

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2 Responses to Brexit under threat (again)

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Speak softly, and then break out, “The Marine”.

    • He’s probably busy!

      Only there is a growing ground swell of resentment against all things constitutional here. Which, if not handled right, may result in civil disturbance. Increased taxation and welfare cuts figuring highly in a lot of people’s thoughts.

      Once that starts, I’m pretty sure the free thinkers will be silenced as will all forms of social media, blogs, and emails and general comms.

      Interesting times ahead.

      Meanwhile, our bunkerage is full, and we’re ready to go chugg-about.

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