Whose problem?

Britain faces the prospect of millions of Afghan refugees making their way to Europe unless British troops maintain their presence, the Defence Secretary has warned.

Sir Michael Fallon said that Afghanistan risked “collapse” if British soldiers pulled out and the UK would feel the consequences “very directly”. Up to four million Afghan migrants could head to Europe, he predicted.

So what. With my blessing let them try for Europe.

It’s either that or more Brit troops will have to stay there to be slaughtered for no more reason than Fallon and other UK government wasters can’t grow a pair between them and say “Enough is Enough”.

So what if they try to come here?
Will we have Brexit in place by then? If we have, we’re safe.
If we haven’t, then I apply now for one of the numerous jobs the newly formed Immigration Defence Force (IDF) will need filling.

Grey I might be but I still know how to swing a night stick and not break bone.
Hell I’ll even do it for minimum wage!
I’m also betting there will be a waiting list for people to join this force.

What has confused me though is why exactly this is our problem?
Or anyone’s problem?
The Russians invaded Afghanistan and weren’t flooded with their dross afterwards.
Why was that? Oh yeah, the Afghans didn’t dare try.

The US made this mess, OK ably assisted by the tossers in our UK government BUT what they have there is C I V I L war. Nothing whatsoever to do with us.
Just let them butcher each other, just like the UN is letting the Sudan tear itself apart.

But hey, I’ve got a great plan for this supposed mass migration.
Send them all to Germany.
They love rapefugees, economic migrants, refugees, the worlds dross, child soldiers, Muslims, and terrorists. Mutti Merkel would be beside herself in joy with such high numbers. The master race cross breeding into what?
A new race called Euro-Deutsche?

One thing for certain I can’t think of a quicker way of destroying Germany, the race, its culture, religions, its heritage, or industry and wealth.

FALLON! This is not our problem and never was.
Stop pandering to a minority in the public and whining like a little school boy.
Grow a pair and pull our troops out NOW!

Carefully cancelling all duel nationality or British passports as we leave.

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