The House of Lords

It’s started.
A long drawn out garbled discussion on Brexit in the House of Lords.
Some sensible Lords are warning against bucking the people’s voice.
Some have a vested interest in staying in.

For the next two days 190 old farts are going to babble on about nothing in particular.
There will be controversy, rage, and I guess opposition.

Detailed scrutiny of the bill at committee stage is due to take place on 27 February and 1 March. If the bill is not amended, then it could theoretically be approved by the Lords at Third Reading on 7 March, becoming law shortly afterwards.

So that’s the three key dates to watch.

If however the peers do make changes to the bill, it would put them into conflict with MPs who would be expected by the public to overturn any Lords amendments.

After that the fighting will commence BIG TIME.

Such a stalling tactic will also be seen by the people, and I guess the media, as the House of Lords defying the will of the people.
Shortly thereafter there could be a public and media demand to disband the House of Lords. Something a lot of MP’s want. The battle could therefore be a short one.


The people are simmering at this moment, few having any appetite for time wasters.
Most just want it done and dusted and move on to Brexit.
This indecision and stalling is affecting the UK BIG TIME in trade and finances.
It’s also swamping us with economic migrants.
And it all started going wrong because of the judiciary and two immigrants who had nothing better to do but fk. up Brexit.


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  1. shtfprepper says:

    My fingers are eternally crossed for Britain.

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