Trump’s EO still simmering in the background?

A Welsh Muslim teacher (Juhel Miah, 25) was taken off a US-bound flight in Iceland by a US official in an ‘unjustified act of discrimination‘.
The incident unfolded when Mr Miah was refused permission by the US authorities after being selected for a ‘random security check.’

Only I wonder why the ‘random security check‘ was in quotes?
Military age, male, Muslim, and from a terrorist friendly country.
He holds a British passport but is obviously of foreign decent.

Visa granted or not , I’d tug him in an instant on those 5 points alone.

Interestingly President Trump’s original EO was to toughen vetting procedures for people coming from countries with terror ties.

That is probably true about the UK.
We radicalize some of the best murdering bastards in the world, allow them to go off and get trained, then to wage jihad, after which we let them back into the UK where they return to fulfilling lives as taxi drivers or car washers (to name just a couple of a multitude of trades).

That and the UK sells arms, provides military ‘assistance and training’, and gives money to some of the most despotic and terrorist friendly countries. Anyone disagree?

Hey, does this mean the UK wets in politics and the media will have another stab at banning President Trump from visiting again? I do hope so.
If only to see them mightily embarrassed once again.

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