Round one and the players lay their cards

House of Lords claim they have the right to BLOCK clean Brexit and keep Britain IN the EU.

Labour former minister Lord McKenzie of Luton conceded the elected Commons must prevail: “However, we should push our authority to the limit in challenging the Government on their proposed deal.”

Crossbencher Baroness Murphy said the Daily Express had warned peers not to “thwart the will of the people” but “that does not mean Parliament should become the poodle of the people”. (Link)

Really? Now that last one has got my gander up.
Parliament was elected by the people, for the people.
The House of Lords is just an anachronism, a throw back to medieval times.
Other politicians made some of them titled, and the birth right of others is all that allows them to be there.

Only note this well Baroness.
Nearly 22,000 plus people are on record via a public petition to get you thrown out on your ear.
The more the Lords screws the pooch for Brexit the more are signing the petition.
At 100,000 the petition gets debated in Parliament.
By the very people you suggested may become the poodle of the people.

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