Delusional Researchers

Eating loads of fruit and vegetables – 10 portions a day – may give us longer lives, say researchers from Imperial College London. A portion counts as 80 g (3 oz) of fruit or veg – the equivalent of a small banana, a pear or three heaped teaspoons of spinach or peas. (BBC)

So that’s 800 g (30 oz) a day for each person.
Have they any idea what that looks like, or what that would cost?
That’s a huge consideration for those on fixed low incomes.
A common feature of people living in Rip off Britain.

So I’d like those experts to come and shop for us.
£35 a week is what we’ve got to spend. £5 a day for two.
Show us how to eat what you think is right on that!

Vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs, and meat.
Plus the little important things like toilet paper, washing liquids, soap, toothpaste, tea, rice, pasta. All for £5 a day for two.
But hang on, I forgot the dog.
You’ll need to factor in £7 a month for dog food.

Ex-spurts the world over unite
and repeat after me.
durrrThere, now you know what I think
about ‘ex-spurt’ people in white coats.

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5 Responses to Delusional Researchers

  1. Profits on toilet roll must be down, so by eating 10 portions a day we will all be hit with the trots and sales will soar! Knock on effect, water supply will need to be increased (excuse to put up water rates or introduce drought controls), need more loos (port a potty anyone?), need more sewage works (wind of change), need more anti-trot OTC medicines, need I say more? Don’t worry, it’s a new month next week and they’ll be suggesting something else, like eating more meat.
    A**holes (yeah, and that’s applicable too).

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