Missing migrants

Net migration to the UK has dropped to 273,000 in the year to September, down 49,000 from the previous year. The Office for National Statistics said it was the first time in two years the balance of people arriving and leaving the UK had dipped below 300,000. (BBC)

Wow, and that proves only one thing, Europe is running out of manpower.
Or is it the manpower is running out of Europe?
Nope to both I’m thinking.
I reckon the manpower slowing is probably because the migrants from Eastern Europe have found work closer to home replacing all the fools who came here.

Which puts Europe in an interesting, if not dangerous, position.
If they don’t play nicely with Brexit, all their migrant workers may have to return to Europe. To find their jobs no longer available.
Shucks how unfortunate (not).
Thus unemployment will soar in Europe and the near bankrupt EU will collapse under the weight of all those welfare checks.

Meanwhile all those released jobs in the UK will have to be filled.
But that’s OK because Europe will probably expel all the Brit workers.
No problem, there will be plenty of work here after the migrants have gone.

So we win again.

Inside every cloud is a silver lining.
Bring on the expulsions and silliness Juncker.

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