We are here to help you!

A local low-level politician spoke to me today saying in an emergency “The local government would provide all you need”. Then wondered why I laughed in his face.

Does anyone else believe in those immortal words
“We are here to help you!” when delivered by anything government?

In a state of emergency there are only two people you can depend on and that’s ‘you and your own’.

Distance is king in combat and should be your guide in survival when faced with government intervention.
After all they will be following a pre-set game plan.
The basics of which will include:-
Corralling you, disarming you, and taking your personal possessions thus making you dependent on them.

Don’t forget.
While a refusal may only upset civilians, the authorities may have to power to force your compliance. That’s not going to be good for you. It never is.

Anyway once they have you, they will always “assess your needs”.
That’s an assessment of you i.e. Your age, health (including medicine dependency), gender, and skill sets. What resources you have squirreled away i.e. vehicles, money, fuel, water, and stores. Plus a possible psych evaluation to weed out ‘trouble’.

It will seldom be about what your needs are.

Anyway on the strength of that simple assessment they will decide who they need and who they will help. Others may be discarded (or eliminated) as a burden.

Problem is you won’t know what that criteria is until it’s too late.

So let’s extend this forward to an extreme scenario like a post apocalyptic event and I’m now talking about care and refugee camps.

Understand this.
They aren’t there to save lives, they are there to use you.
Never forget that.
Shelter, food, water, and medicines all come at a price.
That price is usually servitude and loss of liberty.
Those who work will be sustained and maintained medically, others will be discarded.

OK, you’ve decided to go it alone, evading their “help”.
Right then you become part of the local authorities problem.
Not under their control makes you a hazard and by default someone to be contained by force. Sound attractive? Control may include a bullet to the brain pan.

Lone wolf or togetherness.
It’s not feasible to lone wolf anything for longer than 72 hours continuously, especially if you are being pursued. You will have to rest eventually. Force that point and you’ll lose objectivity, reasoning skills, and judgement.
Right at the start of this post I used ‘you and your own’.
For me that’s the wife, for others it’s a close friend, for most it will end up as a union for convenience with another/ others.

As for a ‘commune’ affair.
There is protection in numbers but there may be problems within.
Any large commune will attract attention.
Who or what that attention will be is varied.
Marauders, government, insects, illness.
It’s also difficult to run a large group.
Their needs are many and multiplied by the number of people.
Thus some will work while others rule.
My last question here is what happens if you decide to leave? Can you?

Anyway, choose wisely and never turn your back on a new ‘friend(s)’.
NEVER SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS as the price of admission!

Trust takes time to build up and liars are sometimes very convincing.
A sob story may be true but have you time to see if it pans out?
Just because a person gives you something, it doesn’t mean they are your friend.

Get it wrong and it may not be only you that gets hurt.
I have no instant answer to making a judgment about another.
I use body language and their eyes to judge a person, plus profiling.
Add to that communication skills.
They are vital skills. Learn them now.
The wife has an uncanny knack to judge a person within a minute. I trust that more.

Anyway if you get it wrong, and survive the mistake, it will generate a problem
i.e. How to get rid of your newly acquired problem.
If you can ‘divorce them’, remember that you should relocate once they have gone.
If you silence that person do it covertly and you should still immediately relocate.
Why covertly? They may have an over watch you didn’t know about.

Always work under the control of an over watch. They rule your life.
If they say abort, YOU ABORT, no argument.

Take what you need but only what you can carry.
An over stock of supplies is a danger as you have to move them.
Caching is a way around that if safety permits.
Before you enter, survey your target.
Never use the same way in as out and always have an emergency exit.
‘Shop’ to a list. That list should fit into your back sack.
HOWEVER there are golden items that should always be grabbed.
Medicines, ammunition, water, purifier chemicals, dried foods, matches or lighters, candles, fuel, and batteries to suit your equipment needs.
Don’t ever become reliant on anyone or one source of supply.
Stay in one place for long enough and the odds of discovery, and you developing complacency and lax security, increases.

Cover up at all times.
CCTV may be used against you if normal service ever returns.
Don’t think that ditching your load on discovery will enable you to walk away.
You being there isn’t seeking shelter its looting for most.
If you are faced down, attack. You have nothing to lose.
If martial law has been declared, summary justice may be applied anyway.

The law.
If the rule of law has collapsed, judgement may be a terminal affair.
Never be afraid of that though. Fear will blinker your options.
If fear runs a place you are in then you’ll probably end up ‘punished’ eventually by the ruling class anyway. Best you leave or better still, don’t join in the first place.

Setting goals for survival.
Apart from the Rules of Three to live,
your main aim should be to stay independent and mobile.

Basic Rules of Three
3 Seconds without adequate cover or defense from attack
3 Minutes without good air, a heartbeat, or massive blood loss.
3 Hours without shelter and adequate climate control.
3 Days without clean water, personal medications, and SLEEP.
3 Weeks (continuous weeks) without food.

As for foraging,
3 days worth of supplies and clean water at all times should be your goal.
3 liters of fuel minimum, 3 liters water per person, 3 main meals for each, get the idea?

KISS, Keep it stupidly simple. Pry, cut, and smash.
If you set off an alarm, think 3 minutes before any response.
BUT spend one of them getting out! Subject to over watch control.
Is two minutes enough? You’re shopping to a list remember?
It’ll probably be a short one too.
If it isn’t, try harder next time when writing it.
Priority items on top, ‘nice things’ on the bottom.

Staying Mobile.
It’s dangerous to always be on the move (CBRN and government / paramilitary controls contingent) but possibly fatal to stay and linger any longer than you have to.
Night is your friend as even night vision can’t last forever without recharge.
03 till pre-dawn is when MOST people are at their lowest ebb.
Use that knowledge.

Any meeting or trading is a threat to you and your own.
Trust no one. If you can use an over watch approach.
Over watch is like God looking after you. They should always be in charge.
If the over watch says leave, you leave.
Signalling aka radio or a simple whistle could be your life saver.
If the over watch sees covert movement that’s a directly engagable threat.
Over watch engaging, you bugging out.
Leave what is yours with the over watch when approaching another.
If you aren’t carrying a lot, they can’t take a lot.
Most understand that survival is gain over effort, and the consequence of actions.
So is a firefight, and the danger of injury, worth it for a can of beans?
If the offered terms of exchange are too high and won’t change by negotiation walk away, backwards into cover at the ready. Remember they might also have an over watch.
Don’t forget, a free gift usually has strings attached.
Also don’t forget, what you have an excess of today will be lacking when you need it.
Barter is not always the way to go.

Most natural disasters are  short-term.
Most man-made one’s usually last longer.
BOTH may see you accountable for your actions during the emergency when normal service resumes. Thus act wisely and don’t get caught!

As for never-ending disaster?
It will see most of you dead within 30 to 90 days.
Young, old, it doesn’t matter. Most live a cossetted life and few know how to survive.
Even fewer practice those skills.
At 30 days things will turn really nasty.
Only the trained, practiced, and adaptable, will survive after that.

Long term, REALLY LONG term survival is for the young and resilient.
The older may have the knowledge but not their strength.
Smarts can only go so far in a grid down scenario.
Smarts will however make the older kill faster and for less reason.
They have less to lose, more to gain. Beware of the old for this reason.
But remember, unless the young will carry you, elders won’t last.
Play nicely no matter what age you are.

How will the world end for some?
Violently, illness, starvation, drought, or hypothermia.
Few by their own hand, usually those on their own.

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