Independent Scotland.

Charles Grant, an adviser to the Scottish government’s Standing Council on Europe, told Reuters: “I believe the Scottish government is thinking very, very seriously about going for an independence referendum next year. “They feel they have enough emotion and momentum to overcome the economic downsides … the harder the Brexit, the more likely they are to break away.”


I’m getting so tired of this rather pathetic woman Sturgeon.
If they do vote to leave England, I believe it’s in England’s best interests to cut them free.

Only I suggest this.

  • No they can’t use the GBP pound, or English banks.
  • No they don’t get any welfare payments from England.
  • No ‘foreign aid’, no grants, nothing
  • Yes they will need a passport to enter England.
  • No they cannot trade with us before full WTO trade terms are agreed.
  • Yes we will be returning all Scot prisoners to them the very next day.
  • Yes the electricity grid, fuel, and gas lines will be cut until trade deals are finalized.
  • Yes we will build a wall and establish border controls.
  • Yes you will need a visa to cross that border.
  • No you will not have any entitlement to our National Health Service.
  • Yes all British industry will be given the chance to move South of the border and incentives to do so.
  • No you will not be entitled to the support of England’s armed forces.
  • As far as the EU? They don’t want Scotland anyway.

So, that’s Scotland sorted.
Next problem? World Peace.

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  1. jlm990 says:

    There are some morons here who want California to secede from our Union. Many of my like minded friends say let them go. I disagree. In our history 11 states decided to go their own way, and lost the noble cause. Then they were “Reconstructed” I would like to see California try it, be declared in a state of rebellion, occupied and the leaders tried and hung, and then see the state of California “Reconstructed” like my beloved South was. At the point of a bayonet. But then, I have always been a bit hard core. And this may not be applicable to Scotland.

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