Politically Biased BBC

It’s sickening to read this article by the BBC who seem to be intent on lessening the impact of migrant rapes throughout Europe starting with Sweden by attacking Nigel Farage and playing the ‘official statistics’ game.

(BBC) Reality Check verdict:
Malmo, along with other urban centres in Sweden, has one of the highest levels of reported rapes in proportion to population in the EU, mainly due to the strictness of Swedish laws and how rape is recorded in the country.

So let’s get it right.
Rapes occurred but the BBC is inferring that if they weren’t recorded, like a lot aren’t in the UK, the levels of rape would drop?
So actually it’s the fault of Swedish law that there are so many rapes on record!

They then follow that with loads of graphs and tables, all from ‘official sources’, to prove conclusively that life isn’t so bad in Malmo, Sweden.


I suppose if this had been reported as an assault that would have been OK then.

Taharrush –
The Sickening And Terrifying Arab Rape Game That Is Spreading Across Europe.
Reported by mainstream media (excluding the BBC) and alternative media.
BUT I get it (using BBC thinking). It’s only a game and as such the BBC don’t seem to mention it in relation to migrant rape in Europe.

Then they print:-
It is not possible to connect crimes to the ethnicity of the perpetrators as such data is not published.

Well it was once, still is probably, but not published, by order of . . . . . .
As the evidence started to prove conclusively that the immigrants were raping and sexually assaulting anything in skirts and a few young males to make up the numbers.

Two words, COVER UP!

The truth hurts. . . . GOVERNMENT.
They know the migrants are running wild, they know they have been stupid, they know they have failed to protect their citizens, and they are furiously trying to cover their collective rövhål (arses) by simply pretending that rape and sexual assaults isn’t happening by the hand of migrants.

This trend can be seen right through European governments.
By making it impossible by government order to record the truth, print the truth, and by calling anyone racist who points out the truth.

Only the alternative press, the uncensored ‘hated by government media’ is writing EVERYTHING down in the form of blogs, and their website publishing.
Add Facebook and social media. . . the truth is getting out!

For example what is the BBC going to say about the evidence of a veteran police investigator in Sweden who whistle blew on Facebook the hypocrisy of government censorship WIDE OPEN.

“Here we go; this is what I’ve handled from Monday-Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment.”

Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again. Christopher… what, is it true? Yes, a Swedish name snuck in on the edges of a drug crime. Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again.”

Countries representing all the crimes this week: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects, we can’t be sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they’re lying about their nationality and identity.”

Yet his reward? To be investigated for a hate crime.
But does the BBC print even one tiny word about it?
If it did I can’t find anything.

You can’t hide the truth BBC, just as Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Germany’s government are finding out. The people know and this is why the ‘Right Wing, Nationalist, Extremist, islamphobics’ the BBC harp on about are growing in number and strength.

Soon enough the people will rise. Maybe by the ballot box at first but if that doesn’t work, look out Europe. It’s spring and it seems the world likes to spring clean up its filth during these coming months.

And finally.
Once again you’ve got to wonder about the BBC’s objectivity or bias.
Especially after 20 Jun 2014 – Tony Hall aims to boost number of minorities on air by more than 40%, with targets for production staff and management as well.

Would that be minorities in trans-whatever gender, ethnic minorities, religions other than Christian, or some other politically correct label to appease the masses or “the afraid of public and world criticism” multicultural and religiously tolerant UK government.

BBC, Broadcasting  Bull-crap  Continuously

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  1. It’s a case of if it’s not reported, it didn’t happen. Rape victims are made to feel the guilty party, they know their attacker will get off with a slapped wrist (if that) so is it no wonder they don’t want to relive the nightmare again and again. It shouldn’t happen. But then, neither should rape in the first place, and that can happen to anyone regardless of age or gender.

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