Mines, booby traps, and IED’s

I’m feeling a bit bitter this morning as yet again there is an article about a British Charity carrying out mine clearing. The bitter bit? Brits and charities clearing up others dangerous mess while the big world operators and governments just look on.

As just about everyone who has ever ‘worked’ within a conflict zone knows, the use of mines, booby traps, and IED’s, is rife world-wide. Add unexploded munitions, it’s sometimes better to just ‘go around’ something than try to work your way through harm let alone death.

The Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction, known informally as the Ottawa Treaty, the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, or often simply the Mine Ban Treaty, aims at eliminating anti-personnel landmines (AP-mines) around the world.

When Princess Diana supported it some of the world gasped.
UK Royalty stepping in where politicians dare not tread both physically and metaphorically.

Yet what did it achieve? Practically nothing as 35 UN countries didn’t sign up for it.

In 2012 Wiki reports:-
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Burma
China, Cuba, Egypt, F.S.Micronesia
Georgia, India, Iran, Israel
Kazakhstan, North Korea, South Korea
Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Libya
Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan
Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore
Sri Lanka, Syria, Tonga
UAE, US, Uzbekistan, Vietnam
(Two missing, anyone know who they are?)

Anyway, next point.
Hands up all terrorists or irregular forces who have signed up for this?
Stupid question because everyone knows they are the people who use them regularly and they don’t give a toss about “quaint” little rules of engagement, war etiquette, preventing civilian casualties, or any of the burdensome crap regular troops have to labour under.

You know it’s also not like Hollywood. 90 minutes of mayhem and that’s it.
Everything you fire or drop (especially cluster munitions) doesn’t go pop, so dud munitions are a feature of a conflict zone. (And I really, really loath cluster munitions).
And when the bad or good guys move on?
It’s SOP for some forces to leave ‘little presents’ for the other side including booby traps, IED’s, mines, poisoned foodstuff and water.
Shock and horror? Please grow up soon.

There are five other sources of boom I’d like to add.
Once again part of the tools of the terrorist.
The explosive vest or body bomb, car , parcel, and IED’s like the pressure cooker bombs.
None of them are mines!
Does it matter as some are wired to explode on trying to take them off, by timer, remote trigger, or when some poor sap is trying to disarm them.

Rather like gun laws only affect the law-abiding, all these international treaties and  ‘quaint’ agreements are written by those who want to appear ‘humanitarian’ but do little to stop the arms trade (both legal and illicit) in munitions of all sorts.

They also do NOTHING to stop the use of ‘banned’ weaponry by terrorists, criminals, or my other pet hate, crazies.

As for the arms trade on a local level.
Obama did more for US gun sales than any other president.
(About the only good thing he did).
The migrant problems in Europe (thanks to Merkel) are doing the same.

Sixteen countries continue to produce cluster munitions (my pet hate) and mines or reserve the right to produce in the future, but only three of these states are known to have used one of these weapons: Israel, Russia, and the United States. (Amnesty International)
Only three? I find that hard to believe.

$US 150.5 billion was made by the top ten arms exporters from 2010 to 2015.
So I ask you, what incentive have they to stop trading?

And finally.
Am I in danger of looking like I want all weapons and munitions banned?
You know, one of those wet limp wrist Liberal thinkers?
Well let’s put that right straight away.

I want weapons totally banned.

As the law-abiding need the tools to defend themselves against all enemies, foreign, domestic, or government (and their more rabid agencies).

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