Plant the idea, new legislation to follow.

So-called Islamic State poses as great a threat to Britain as the IRA during its bombing campaign in the 1970s, the new terror laws watchdog has said. Max Hill QC, the new Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, warned that Islamists’ plots to attack UK cities presented an “enormous” risk.

So do something about it!
Deport the bastards before they can. Their families, the whole lot of them.
Yet they won’t.
Public opinion, human rights, or whatever limp wrist reason you can come up with will prevent that.

The UK breeds, radicalizes, and houses some of the worlds best terrorists.
Hell we probably give them welfare too.
We definitely give them UK citizenship before they go to war.

BUT as to actually admitting there is a problem within our nation?
Hows about NAMING the ideology behind it?

Know what a target presents to the enemy?
Something to aim at.
Most of Europe has been attacked, we’ve got to be on someone’s short list.
Even with Squid Khan sat in London, someone will try it on there soon enough.
Then watch. There will be a public outcry, and NOTHING else will happen.

Licked before we start by political correctness, multiculturalism and religious tolerance.

arghyellI feel better now.

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